Home News Republicans just lost women for good | Opinion

Republicans just lost women for good | Opinion


“Women are simply not going to accept this monumentally unfit man remaining on the Court regardless of what the Republicans manage to ram through this week.”

Republicans just lost women for good | Opinion

Women are going to hold the Republicans accountable for this grotesque spectacle at the ballot box.


  1. Reasons your Senators should not voted for kavanaugh
    let’s see. 👀1) perjured himself more than once 2) has difficulty controlling his temper and is clearly partisan 3) believes in Unitary Executive theory 4) clearly has zero respect for women beyond his circle as evidenced in past rulings, working for Ken Starr, showed overt disdain for the female senators on the dais 5) has never tried a single case, yet believes he is qualified to serve on the SCOTUS. Shall I go on?

  2. They knew they lost women and minorities and young people before they installed 45 to ram their corrupt policies through. The writing has been on the wall for decades and now what they’re doing is forcing an agenda they could never have achieved without deception and criminality.

  3. GOP = “Gropping Oldfarts Party” – we don’t have to wait until demographics bury this party of the elites and more and more extreme right wing insanity. NOVEMBER 6, 2018!


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