Home News Kavanaugh’s accuser has been forced to move because of death threats

Kavanaugh’s accuser has been forced to move because of death threats


“She has moved out of her house and is arranging for private security for her and her family.” You can send this to anyone asking why the victim didn’t come forward sooner. Instead of being attacked, Christine Blasey Ford should be commended for putting the country above her own personal comfort and safety. Ask yourself, if you just found out someone you loved had been sexually assaulted as a teenager, how would you treat them? How would you want others to treat them?

Kavanaugh’s accuser has been forced to move because of death threats

The woman accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault has been forced to move out of her home after receiving of torrent of death threats, a person close to her said Tuesday — but President Trump says he feels “terribly” for his Supreme Court pick.


  1. That make’s me so sad, and mad…who would go through that unless what she say’s is true, which I believe it is. She will deserve a purple heart, if she has the courage to go through this.

  2. Lol sorry but I quite enjoy my first amendment rights to speak my mind, opinions and beliefs and I will say FUCK TRUMP every single day until we get rid of his corrupt crooked ass with the mushroom head dick to match the swelled head on his shoulders and neck.. and let’s not forget about his bootlicker evangelical cretin

  3. Barbara Baldwin, it’s called scroll on by. FUCK is a 4 letter word like shit, damn or hell.
    If you take FUCKs, usage here, in a different way, then your mind is in the gutter.
    Ok babe, got it????
    If not, too FUCKING bad.

  4. This, this is the travesty that the once great United States of America has become! There is no longer any honour or pride in saying you are american. If the world isn’t shaking their head in utter disgust at what you’ve become, they are laughing at the ridiculousness of what you’ve become. The Founding Fathers would be turning in their graves.Your country is dying and you’re too unwilling to see it! How did it get so bad so fast!?!

  5. I posted about this and shared my similar experience, it turned into a fight so I hid from my timeline
    You’d think in 2018 we would of made some progress.
    Nope. We are supposed to look pretty, keep our mouth shut and stay in our “place”.
    It’s time to make our place in the government and stop this.

  6. This is a DISGRACE!!! Let the truth come out. How can this person be confirmed until this accusation is totally investigated? Also why are there not any women on the committee that will do this investgation?.

  7. The Republican party becomes more and more associated with a total lack of integrity and courage, including the 2 women Senators who are afraid to vote no on Kavanaugh’s confirmation. I cannot blame the woman for refusing to come forward to be crucified by a panel of these men. Look what happened to Anita Hill when she spoke against Justice Clarence Thomas. Things have not changed in all these years. I sincerely hope the “Me Too” movement can budge them sooner than later.


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