Home News Greg Gianforte wins Montana race for Congress after ‘body-slamming’ reporter

Greg Gianforte wins Montana race for Congress after ‘body-slamming’ reporter


WTF is wrong with people??? Republican Greg Gianforte just won the Montana race for Congress, just one day after attacking a journalist and body-slamming him to the ground. Gianforte claimed it was “fake news” but Fox News was there and witnessed the incident and they corroborated the journalist’s version of events. Fox News link: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/05/24/greg-gianforte-fox-news-team-witnesses-gop-house-candidate-body-slam-reporter.html

Greg Gianforte wins Montana race for Congress after ‘body-slamming’ reporter

Victory came a day after the Republican was charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly ‘body-slamming’ a Guardian reporter who asked him a question



  1. Well look at you quoting Fox News! Here’s the actual video. Looks like defense of private property to a degree when someone tries to enter a private area where there is expectation of privacy. Inside a private office seems like it is private property and a place where someone has an expectation to privacy. But he definitely could have handled it better.


  2. I give up America. You officially suck when you allow someone like this to hold public office. It’s a disgrace to our constitution and all of our protections from violence. How can you actually allow this to happen?

  3. We (the world) look at you, and can’t believe how much dumb are the voters and the people in USA. First we laughed, and now we can’t believe our ears and eyes. You’re no more an example. You’re just a big matter of laughing,all around the world. Just an uneducated, stupid country that see violence as a quality, before education. You are doomed. Crumbling empire.


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