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Why We Started R3SIST


What is R3SIST?

R3SIST is a platform to help amplify the anti-Trump resistance effort and combat all of the damage the Trump administration is doing to our nation, people, and planet. It was started by current and former writers who couldn’t sit on the sidelines any longer.

Why does it exist?

Like most of you, these first weeks of Trump in office have been utterly horrifying. Individually, we’ve been trying to Retweet and share as much as possible resistance material as possible, but realized this may not be enough. Here’s why:

Problem 1: We are tweeting and sharing in a bubble. Only 16% of the population uses Twitter, and an even smaller subset (9%) get their news from the platform. The resistance is being fueled on Twitter, but people are preaching to the choir. There’s a wealth of incredible information and perspective that needs more visibility and permanence.

Problem 2: There’s a dialogue and urgency with the resistance that isn’t being reflected in the media. The media – bless it – has been instrumental in exposing the fraud and danger of those currently in power. And, to its credit, has started to openly call bullshit on the constant lies being spewed by the White House. But it is still taking an objective view to the administration’s actions and the resistance movement. Our view is that the time for impartiality has passed. We are dealing with extreme fascism and need to act before it’s too late. We are not reporting on the resistance – we ARE the resistance.

Case in point: USA Today’s headline vs. R3SIST’s version


Problem 3: Everything is developing so quickly. From the rallies and protests that are popping up to the important details that are getting lost in the shuffle due to Trump’s daily tossing of hand grenades meant to distract; social media alone can’t answer this challenge. There’s a need for more resources for those in the resistance to find out about the actions they can take.

Problem 4: It’s a mobile/social world and people have become accustomed to instant news and gratification. You have three seconds to grab someone’s attention online. This is why social media newsfeeds and clickbait work so well. There’s always the need for great long-form articles, but the sad truth is that traditional media is often too wordy and sophisticated for the ADD generation, and important stories often aren’t cutting through as a result. There’s an opportunity to help these important stories reach more people by emphasizing the most salient points.

R3SIST is an attempt to help amplify the resistance and share the stories that are simply not being reported with the urgency they demand or are reaching the audiences they need. Through the advancements of online publishing in conjunction with social media, it’s now possible to create and package compelling content in a professional environment that can be discovered and shared widely. Fake news sources capitalized on this to great success in helping to elect Trump. This is an attempt to counterbalance.

How can you participate?

Any way you can! We all have jobs and lives. The easiest thing you can do is obviously to follow @R3SISTNow on Twitter, @R3SISTNow on Facebook, and @R3SIST on Instagram) and share content in order to help us achieve greater reach (every link counts). But this platform is here for you to use in whatever way you can leverage it. Shoot us a note on Facebook or Twitter if you’d like to pitch in. Wherever you can plug in, it’s all appreciated. With so much on the line, we’re doing whatever we can.


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